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Making Persuasive Promotional Postcards

A persuasive promotional postcard must not only be eye-catching and fun to read, but it should also be designed to drive action. You can do this by creating an offer that appeals to customers and is relevant to their needs and journey. High-value customers are especially likely to want to learn about the latest collection. This could be coupled with a small discount or premium. It will be a more successful marketing strategy than simply promoting a new product.

The most important aspect of a postcard marketing campaign is the offer. The offer must be enticing enough to move prospects to take action. Different offers will appeal to different customer segments. Some offers will work better in certain markets than others. It is crucial to research your audience to determine which offers are best suited for your business. Once you have determined who your audience is, the next step is to create a compelling offer. Listed below are some ideas for creating compelling promotional postcards.

Make your headline relevant. You must avoid causing unnecessary confusion with the headline. An example of a postcard headline is “JUST SOLD” with the name of the real estate agency as the subhead. The slogan also encourages customers to look at other properties, but the postcard itself should be targeted to a segmented mailing list. In addition, the text should be easy to read. For more examples, visit Quora and Reddit.

A rebranding of your refund policy will improve response rates. For example, you can replace your guarantee with “satisfaction guaranteed” instead of “money back”. This will give customers more confidence in buying from you, while the refund rate will remain the same. Ultimately, your postcard marketing campaign will drive higher response rates. You should also make sure your promotional postcard has the three core elements listed below. And remember, the key is to create an offer that is both unique and compelling.

Test variants of your creative. Test different offers and combinations of offer elements to see which one converts better. A home decor ecommerce brand might try a 15% off discount versus a 15% discount plus a premium. Although the latter option appears to be more compelling, skipping the premium will not change the conversion rate, but it may increase profit margins. This way, you can test multiple offers and improve your postcard’s effectiveness.

Lastly, make your postcard relevant. Remember that postcards should spur action, not just inform. You must identify what the audience wants and how to best present it to them. Once they know what they’re looking for, you can tailor your offer to make it more appealing. And don’t forget to include your website address and other vital information. Incorporate your learnings into your postcard. It’s a great way to drive response.

Use an RFM model to determine which customers respond best to your offers. By segmenting customers based on their RFM score, you can easily determine which customers are the most likely to purchase your products. A higher RFM score translates to better postcard marketing success. And while a higher RFM score means a higher return on investment, a lower RFM score does not necessarily indicate greater customer value. A successful promotional postcard campaign should also be targeted at existing customers. Click here to find out more about postcard printing.