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Make Your Vehicle a Powerful Mobile Billboard with Vehicle Wrap

Turn your vehicle into a money-generating mobile billboard. These graphics are perfect for small businesses, contractors and freelancers.

A drywaller in Arlington might go from one house to the next each day and work at different locations during the week. Vinyl graphics allow them to market their business wherever they are.

A vehicle wrap transforms your business car or truck into an effective mobile billboard that catches the eye of passersby 24 hours a day, even when the vehicle is parked. It also reassures clients that you are a legitimate company and builds brand recognition for your company.

Sign Company Arlington’s  professional vehicle wrap designers can create a full, partial or custom wrap that matches your brand and messaging. We can wrap your business car, personal vehicle, box trucks, trailers, buses and more. We’re even geared up to do a partial wrap on a lease vehicle without voiding your warranty.

Two McHenry Community High School graphics students designed wraps for the hood and doors of the McHenry Moose Lodge 391’s car, which is used to promote their “Cruising with the Moose” event. The Moose Lodge chose Ruben Melgarejo’s design for the hood and Dennis Turcan’s design for the door. The students’ designs will be displayed this summer at the Moose Lodge.

Vehicle wraps are an excellent option for customizing a fleet vehicle without the cost and risk of a paint job. They are also reversible, meaning that if you ever choose to remove them, your original paint job will still be intact underneath. They are also a great solution for businesses that make house calls such as electricians, plumbers, construction workers, or handymen. Branded vehicles convey a sense of legitimacy to homeowners and give them confidence in the company’s abilities.

Full wraps encase the vehicle in a printed vinyl covering that features a unique marketing message. They can be as simple as a single logo or as complex as an entire car illustration.

Color Change or “Paint Wraps” are available to match the exact color of the vehicle’s paint. Perforated window film is an optional finishing element that displays a one-way message while the insiders enjoy privacy. Custom pin striping can be added to any wrap to enhance the look and add a final touch.

Turn your company vehicles into moving billboards that effortlessly generate hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions each day. From high-resolution product images to essential business hours, these vinyl signs allow you to communicate a lot of information in a compact space.

We can create full wraps that cover your entire vehicle and are perfect for showcasing intricate graphics or bold texts that grab attention at a glance. They can also be used to create a uniform look across a fleet of cars, trucks, vans, and trailers.

Partial wraps, on the other hand, are ideal for highlighting certain areas of your car such as the back portion, hood, and door panels. They are less tedious to install and faster to produce, making them more economical than full wraps. They can also be easily removed if you need to switch vehicles or use your car for personal purposes. Moreover, they will protect the original paint of your vehicle and prevent it from weather damage and scratches.

Vehicle wraps are non-intrusive and highly effective marketing tools that provide your company with mass exposure opportunities. When properly designed and installed by a professional, your wrap can last up to 10 years or more without damage.

Full wraps are a great way to display your business advertising on a larger canvass and make your company vehicles instantly recognizable within the streets of Arlington. They also protect the original paint of your car or truck from weather damages and scratches, increasing resale value and adding professionalism to your fleet.

Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, construction contractor or work from home, wrapping your vehicle will increase brand awareness and generate hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions per day for the cost of one billboard. Contact our team of experts today to see how vehicle wraps can turbocharge your marketing capabilities.