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5 Durable Outdoor Signage Materials

When people think about outdoor signs, they tend to picture those large plastic advertisements which are plastered all over town, telling passers by about a certain event, store, or other information. While these kinds of outdoor signs can certainly work for certain purposes, they don’t do much for advertising. What outdoor signs really offer are options and customization. The type of outdoor sign that you choose can make all the difference in your marketing efforts

Aluminum is one of the most ideal materials for outdoor signs simply because it’s lightweight, durable, and inexpensive. There are three main options for outdoor aluminum signage. The smallest has a low-density thickness, which makes it ideal for political and property signage. The middle layer is made out of a slightly higher density, which makes it slightly more durable than the low-density option.

Outdoor Signs

Vinyl is another lightweight option which is slightly more durable than aluminum. It’s available in both horizontal and vertical forms, making it easy to find the right shape for your needs. The downside to vinyl outdoor signs though is its relatively low durability rating. The same can be said of aluminum and steel signs because they’re not as weatherproof. For long-term use, both materials are perfect but their short lifetime and wear and tear make them less desirable for long-term use.

Now let’s take a look at a few more durable materials that outdoor signage can be made out of. These include stainless steel and brass. Stainless steel signs have a professional appearance and they’re very durable. The downside to using stainless steel as a signage material is its lack of colors, since it’s only available in black.

Feather flags are an excellent option for outdoor signs. These are very eye-catching and they can be custom designed to look exactly like any other type of flag. They are made out of lightweight materials so they’re easy to transport from one location to another. Plus they can be used for advertising just like any other flag. As with all feather flags though, they can quickly lose their colorful luster. So, if you plan on using them you’ll need to keep that in mind.

Finally, let’s talk about indoor use. Outdoor signage isn’t for indoor use only. You can have them installed outdoors on your windows to announce special events or just to let passersby know that you’re open for business. You can even hang them inside if you want to encourage visitors to take notice of your company. Indoor use is generally less expensive than outdoor signage. However, the costs can add up quickly if you need high-quality indoor signs. For more details visit the nearest best sign company in Palm Beach.